This is Alexey from Ukraine

- Posted on: 03/01/2022 -
He is one of our much valued Clanard Court Team Crew and is from Kiev. His mother and brother are stuck in Kiev at the moment and are trying to get home safely with other members of their family.
We want to help by creating further awareness right here, please do read on - this is Alexey's story as follows:
My name is Alexey Budnyev, I work at the Clanard Court and I am Ukrainian. My family, except my parents and my brother, live in Ukraine. As many of you may already know, war broke out in my country after the Russian Federation invaded it in the early morning of the 24th of February. It also happens that sadly, my mother and my younger brother are stuck in Ukraine and as of this moment, have no way of getting back to Ireland. They went to visit my grandmother who lives alone, to visit and help out and now they are caught in the middle of a war with my relatives there. Right now, they are together and they are safe.
The Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian people are courageously fighting, and resisting the attacks by Russian Military.
Please can you spread the message, spread awareness, make sure to receive your news from credible sources and talk and communicate with your representatives to push them to act on an international scale.
Be active on social media to amplify your voice and concerns by addressing authorities with #BanRussiaFromSwift and #CloseTheSky.
Those who wish to donate and help the Ukrainian people, please do so through credible and trusted sites. The following link leads to the website of the National Bank of Ukraine which opened a special account to receive donations and help the Ukrainian army.
And here are a further very good sites through which the contributions will help the refugees and the people of Ukraine:
UNICEF directly supports children and their families with water, food, medical supplies and where possible, helps repair schools to establish education.
The Red Cross is a humanitarian based organisation with the aim of repairing vital infrastructure, and supplying with critical supplies such as water, food and healthcare services
UNHCR provides help for the refugees outside of Ukraine. It helps them seek out immediate shelter, asylum, health and also help with family reunification.
THANK-YOU ALEXEY and we look forward to welcoming your family here with open arms when that time comes.