Green Eco Practices at The Clanard Court Hotel

- Posted on: 09/02/2019 -


Our Bedrooms & Suites:

·        All single use plastic toiletry items in our Classic Rooms are now replaced with quality Gilchrest and Soames refillable dispensers for shampoo & shower gel, so eliminating waste;

·        New Bedrooms Block (since August 2019) x 8 rooms – have heat exchange system /underfloor heating installed resulting in improved efficiency and less energy usage;

·        New Suites x 2 – Offering Air Conditioning can be controlled independently off the central system so are only heated when in use giving our guests the instant luxury of immediate heat or a chilled room; 

·        Guest Recycle Policy and Water Conservation tent cards on display in all bedrooms, includes unnecessary Towel Use in all bedrooms etc – see attached photos;

Back-of-House Offices:

·        Controlled independently off the central system resulting in no wastage of energy during daylight hours plus a more ambient setting promoting more productive working environment; 

·        We participated in the LEAN Programme via the Enterprise board to streamline and optimise office work & flow which included the new office space and recycling policies therein – online filing, reduce paper, increase productivity. 


·        Full range of recycling bins though out hotel in kitchen, front-of-house & back-of-house plus strict use instructions for staff (laminated posters) to minimise contamination;

·        Full range of coloured larger bins in yard for General Waste, Recycling Waste, Glass Waste, Food Waste, Baled Cardboards, and returning Used Cooking Oil.

Food Waste: 

·        Adjusting portions to the right amount for person being served an example being breakfast.  Improving our menu to offer greater choice and therefore ensuring that the guest gets exactly what they want, cooked to order and toast only if required; 

·        Free Coffee Grounds from our coffee machine are bagged up in biodegradable bags and available for customers to take away free to use for their gardens.

Takeaway items:

·        All of take away items are bio-degradable ie cups, take-out boxes and drinking straws plus recyclable napkins, which we now use to replace our coasters with;

·        Our napkins are disposed into compost bins and AES (our waste management company) makes fertilisers out the above paper cups, straws and take away boxes as they are compostable and made of paper.


·        LED Lights are now installed everywhere.  We availed of a capital grant through SEAI (Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland) to retrofit all Halogen and Incandescent bulbs to led which has resulted in an average saving of 20,000 KWH per annum. 

Green Memberships/Awards:

·        Members of Repak – which has resulted in us reducing our single use plastic and buying in bulk, Ketchup and different sauces for table plus food are bought in bulk and are being served on request, sugar cubes are used for our hotel functions to reduce paper waste from sugar sashes, butter blocks are sliced and served in butter dishes;

·         Member of The Green Hospitality Programme Ireland – Gold Award winners.

E-Car Chargers:

3 EV Charging Points are installed in the car park in front of our hotel. The first is a rapid charger that can charge an e-car in 25-40mins and the other 2 charger at 7kW/hour for hotel guests to charge their e-car when staying overnight. The chargers are part of the EasyGo Charging Network, who already have over 3000 e-car members and are available for public and guest use. Access to the charge points are through the EasyGo App or using the EasyGo access key fob. Charger key fobs are also provided to guests at Reception to use. The cost to the chargers is €0.35 per minute for the rapid charger and €0.20 per kWh for the overnight chargers. More information on the chargers can be found at The 2nd one to have these installed in County Kildare!!! 

The EV Owners association will now be using us as an E-Car Rally Route pitstop too!

Our Animals:

Our Alpacas and sheep constantly ‘mow’ our grassy mounds by grazing on them so no automated grass cutting needed!

Bio Gas: is just about to be rolled out for us, so will be carbon free soon.

Future Plans: to install ½ acre of solar panels to potentially take us ‘off the grid’ during daylight hours

AND we have a Green Ambassador at the hotel Adam Uhercik who makes all of above happen!